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November 28, 2020

oh Sorry did I wake you up there? I don't often swear, but when I do… I DO. I said recently "because it's f*cking 2020" to end a discussion. What can I say, you visibly can't take the French out of me.I don't know for you, but birthdays + year end always pull me to […]

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November 14, 2020
How do we define the value of work? [Podcast]

Is it a number? the income, or the profit? Is it the number of people impacted? Is it your hour rate? Your following on social? Money, mindset, self-worth, pricing, KPI, learning curves of being in business, creating a business aligned with our values or based on our values, creating our own "barometer" of what is […]

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September 5, 2018
the Gift of grief & how I ended up on Mark Leruste podcast

I've been following Mark for a while, enjoyed his Insta stories and enjoying his podcast The Unconventionalists for a while. Lots of motivation and podcast knowledge all wrapped up with humour. If you haven't listened yet to his podcast... make yourself this gift and go download it now and have a listen this weekend. He […]

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