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Business, Marketing, Mindset, Resilience, Self-care (this includes tech), Society 
with a sprinkle of playfulness, silliness, poetry and Human Design.
September 18, 2020
Connecting vision to actions

What I do for clients is hard to define because it is bespoke, custom and a bit spooky at times. It is sprinkling a spoonful of your ENERGY, YOUR VIBE, YOUR HEART over your tech, your social media, your emails. It is seeing your GOALS and observing your ACTIONS. Are they congruent? Are you working […]

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August 19, 2020
Connecting people

Connecting people. How many of us are doing this?If you look around, it's most people in business. We hold space in Facebook groups, we get people talking and reacting in the comments of posts we create, we create events, masterminds, courses, communities...We give them tools to connect them to their loved ones, to their family […]

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