Active Campaign Specialist

Are you getting the most of your Active Campaign account?

When you invest in a tool, you want a good Return on Investment.

If you don't get a good ROI, it's an expense.

and that's what happens to most people starting using Active Campaign without strategy, or without knowing what Active Campaign can do for your business.


Strategy needs to lean on Structure to give you its best.

Structure allows the implementation of your Strategy with more ease, less mental load and less energy drain.

It's easier to stand on solid ground, that's what Structure does for you.


Depending on your deadlines, your needs (or your Authority if you are in your HD experiment), we can find the best way to work together.

Due to Long Covid, no availability until further notice for done-with-you and done-for-you work. Get on the newsletter to know when the next slot gets available) and keep scrolling for my best resources.

If you are ready to get me to do it for you, then this is for you.

Whether you need a full set-up or a big tidy, it all starts by understanding your business, its needs.

We start with a conversation and in the case of a tidy-up, a quick audit to judge the scope of the project.

Once this is done, I can make a proposal.

Set-ups starts at $900, including a first connect-the-dots session. The price of the session will be put as a credit on our project's invoice.

Account clean up starts with a conversation & audit ($280).

This allows me to make a roadmap for you, so you can understand options and opportunities in your account, whether you want me or someone else to do it.  

That allows me to price and make a reliable proposal so you know where you are going.



Funnels with empathy

I want you to win. More profits, more ease, less energy drain or mental load. 

But I want your clients to win as well. I'm not here for people who think they can squeeze more money from people just because. I'm here to help you serve more clients and serves them better.

I work with value-led businesses who work H2H, Human to Human.


Never ending education...

I am dedicated to serve you in the best possible ways. That means investing time and energy in my training.

I have spent a few years already working on Active Campaign with clients, which has given me plenty of occasion to dig into many features and challenges coming with using Active Campaign.

On top of this, I am also learning from a top Active Campaign certified consultant and amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge: Kay Peacey from *Slick Business.  

The office hours means I'm never alone to work on the hurdles I could be facing while searching for new solutions to your desired outcomes or challenges.  

in an Academy where you can be learning too

If you are keen to use yourself Active Campaign, be able to send campaigns and make simple automations, you will benefit *Kay's free course to understand all the basics and even more from her  *Active campaign Academy and it's wonderful community (You'll see me there, as I said above, I'm a member).

These links is an affiliate link as I am a fan of Kay and can recommend her courses from all my heart. I'll get a thank you from Kay at no cost for you.


If you have more questions you want to get clarity on before booking a consultation or a roadmap? You can get in touch here and either book a discovery call or get on Voxer. 

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