July 2, 2021

Habits, Results and the Containers to have them

I am a big fan of the magic of compound interests.

I've read Atomic Habits, and a few other publications that emphasize how much daily actions impact your future. Yet, till last winter, I didn't applied it much. I've been in a great accountability group, #Club69, hosted by Dino, from Success Engineers. It makes a massive difference in how a day goes, a week goes, a month goes.

We tend to make wishes and have dreams of things far out in the future, far out of reach. We try to do massive efforts and give up quite fast. It's what makes people sign up for a new gym on the 1st of January and give up on the 15th.

Big dreams with big commitments: TOO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

Yet we could do tiny efforts daily but discard them because they look so tiny that "they can't possibly have a good effect".

What goes for savings, goes for physical action, quality time with loved ones and focus for work.

Making sure you go to bed every day happy with your day, whether because you have been able to be more present with your people, have 5mn of crafty time or took the time to call that friend or wear that clay mask... It's quite mad what you can do and see at the end of a year of that.

I realised for me I put a bit too much pressure on writing "quality content" for example. So I don't write as often as I'd like. I don't write here enough, I don't write my list enough.

Because I want everything to be top notch and get frustrated to deliver something below my standard. (perfectionism is a problem, I'm doing much better but it's been a fight over the years.)

It's catch 22 because you can only get better the more you practice and accept to be rubbish for a while.

Focusing on the results can prevent you to get the results!

This week, I'm starting something different: I am writing 20mn everyday.

NOT writing something great. Just writing.

No pressure about quality. Just the presence and the practice. I expect most of the things I will write will end up in the bin. It's ok.

No expectations on what I will use it for, even IF I will use it for. Some days, I don't even write, I talk it out in a Google doc or Otter (Thank you Voice recognition software ! )

AND I have decided to share some wilder ideas and observations on Medium. Taking the habit to not censor myself as much I used to is going to be really interesting. It is a big experiment for me.

Testing my fears, testing my trust, testing my writing stamina... Expect thoughts about Human Design, AI, Tech, Education, Society pressure, Creation and Self-care, Individuality, Inclusivity and more!

Life and business are a big experiment and I love having having containers for each part of it. It helps me entering in presence for each. "Enter as you want to go on". But that means my multipassionate self hasn't been free flowing till now. Keeping things and people separate depending where we met.

I am now more and more ready to connect the various containers of my life.

So welcome to

New Month, new era. Letting go of fears and old conditioning.

Who wants to play with me? If you are also taking on a new practice, I would love to read about it.

Tag me on socials, I'm @pascalepoppins everywhere.

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