January 31, 2022

Why good email marketing is the fruit of tech, empathy, structure and strategy…

When people think about “building their list”, they tend to think “landing page >> form >> leadmagnet >> conversion.

That’s what VA tend to set-up but there's so much more to it.

Because often, people do as they’re told. No fault of theirs. And we need people like this we can lean on to keep the business running.

If you don’t know a platform inside out, you may not know what’s possible and what could be a massive lever of your email marketing efforts. Not everyone has a strategic mind either. No blame.

But that’s why you need to call on people’s strength and not expect one person to do it all.

For example, do you know that the first email you send is the most read by people in most cases.

Sadly, too often, when you see what people send, it’s something in the line of “hey here’s your freebie. Thanks”.

What an opportunity for connection lost.

When I say I mix tech and empathy, people are intrigued or confused.

See, the thing that lights me, is seeing my clients success, AND celebrating their individual and unique brand voice, infusing it into all the parts of your online real estate, aka leadflow. And that extend to this first very important piece. (And the following ones 😉)

I don’t write copy though (you don’t want my Frenchglisms I assure you) but I can see what’s missing in your copy to sound like you and connect to your ideal client.

When I set-up an *Active Campaign account, the structure and the strategy I build from your goals in mind, what you have now, what your audience is like, what kind of tags and segments you need to be sure to send the right infos to the right people, or find good data to see the evolution of your business.

One does not “JUST” set-up AN account. It has to be YOUR account, set in a way that serves YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS.

Because there’s no juicer sales than the ones that truly serve your clients, the one that gives them this sigh of relief because they know you can solve their problem.

This is the best feeling. And I get to do it while playing in my favourite tool, *Active Campaign. 😍🤩😍

Ps this article contain referral links. It means that Active Campaign send me a thank you if you sign through my link. I only recommend tools I truly think will benefit you.

Active Campaign is the tool I use for myself, and for most clients nowadays, as clients come to me for this, but I always check what's best for you.

Depending on your business, other options may suit better. If in doubt, you can book a Connect-the-dots session and we can look at the best option, for YOU.

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