November 19, 2020

Why empathy is important in your business

Why on earth do I say I use TECH & EMPATHY when I work around leadflow and customer experience?

I know plenty of people don't see how the 2 can mix or why it matters.

Tech seems as dry and far from human emotions as can be.

That is true if the person using doesn't use it as a way to convey a message or act without empathy. and that's what we've been doing so much.
Because we stay with the results in mind, because the sales are too important some months and the numbers replace the humans we serve.
I invite you to listen to Seth Godin. He talks here about practical empathy. (I put a stamp just before he starts talking about it, the whole convo is interesting if you have the time to listen to it)

That may start to spark your thinking about the place of empathy in your business and if you could use some help with that to marry it to your tech and process. Hint hint: I can help with that. Do you want me to?
Tech, a bit like money, is only a tool and an amplifier. It helps make who you are shine a bit more and get your impact to ripple tenfold.

Happy watching.

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