June 9, 2020

What's your weird?

I’ve been told once “you’re not weird, you’re... French”.

It was in London and it was so funny to see my friend ill at ease with me saying "I'm weird".

I was crying laughing with that one.

One of my funniest on set memories.

I used to be self-conscious of my quirky way of thinking and puppy-like excitement.
Now I know it’s where my super power is. It’s what my clients come for.

My unusual questions to find what their website should look like, the fact that I use their HD chart to communicate better with them...

The fact that I connect things in way that don’t expect.

Weird metaphors. Weird questions.

Saying "when I grow up" when I am 43years old.

Calling my plants “green pets”.

Convincing people that their computer is like a kitchen.

Doing websites after working as a film makeup artist.

In marketing, they call that your USP.

What is yours? What is your flavour?

What makes you YOU?

And do you own it and embrace it or are you still a little shy there?

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