September 24, 2020

What does success mean to you?

When we create our business, we often compare ourselves to other people.

You must have read that phrase: "Don't compare your beginnings with someone middle."

We put less energy and attention to celebrate our wins than being our own critic.

Building a business is a journey and success can take many form.

For many, it's a number at the end of the month, for some it's the freedom to work only 4 days the week or less, for some it's being able to travel anytime they want.

Some are big successes.. What about the small ones? the ones that can show you you are working in the right directions.

Not everyone is wired to set goals and initiate projects. Not everyone is wired to do things strategically.
But everyone could use a bit of awareness to enjoy their life, feel success or surprise, feel satisfied or at peace just that bit more.

When we keep running, we may forget why we started running and where we wanted to travel to... Head down, it's easy to miss the road and take the wrong lane.

so what would a good week be like? What does success feel like?

It's one question I'm asking myself at the moment every Monday, and it helps to take decisions throughout the week.
This week, creating useful content is on my mind. Also being more present when I eat.

And you? Tell me over on Instagram or Facebook

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