August 27, 2020

If your business was a film, what would it be like?

When you come from a mixed background, have quirky ideas and a very weird * cough sorry * unique way of seeing the world, have a very special relationship to the Internet, you tend to create things and services that are a bit different.

For me, your online presence is like a film, a story.

People need to get who you are, what your vibe is without giving all the words.
It's like all the set, make-up, hair and costumes on a period film.
You don't know what kind of story is coming, but you get that it's not NOWADAYS just seeing their corsets and fancy up-do.

Then come the words, and the light, the camera moves.
That's the website and what it talks about.

Social is all the PR going out: the trailers going out, the interviews, the posters in the streets.

What I love to do, is making sure all work together, are consistent and congruent with who you are, what you do, how you do it. BUT ALSO, that it is an enjoyable experience for your clients or prospects, and for you.

The RESULTS: more ease, more joy, more profits.
From your big vision to the small details. It all counts.

If your business what a film... What would it be?

How would you describe it? Me... a goofy mix of period drama and science fiction, a bit of magic, lots of humour and a bit of philosophy... a bit like... Mary Poppins!

Who could have thought! 😉

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