August 22, 2020

Have you had your DRAK today?

How you doin' ? SERIOUSLY. How are you doing?

At the moment, it seems that so much is going on, we are all thinking too much, feeling too much...

Being in business means growing as a person. That's what 20years of freelancing taught me.

Be radically kind to yourself and giving yourself space, rest, connection, giggles or just time to feel and surrender to what needs to be cried out...

It's the best investment you can have in yourself.

We all need to be reminded to take care of yourself because we can easily forget the more pressure we feel to do things, solve problems, manage people's expectations.

You are your main asset.

You can only give your magic if you are in a magical state.

I use the word Radical because it means that it is a radical act to ignore the outside pressure and do as your Body or mental health require.

So for me today, my DRAK is a long walk offline and meeting with a friend I haven't seen in a loooong time.

So what's your DRAK?

I would love to read it in the comments, or share an InstaStory and tag me, please. I'm @pascalepoppins everywhere.

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