September 8, 2020

Back to basics | Bullet journal weekly spread

My bullet journal has been calling me.

There’s something magical when you use pen and paper.

I use to choose a word each week and it was like a compass on how I wanted to live through the week.
It’s something I am called to do again.
In HD, I’ve got a Left Mind. Strategy is how my mind goes naturally.
I stopped using it for myself, when I was nomad. I was “Pascale Go-with-the-flow Recher”.
Now I crave more presence and intention after far too long feeling like a leaf in the wind.
There are so many ways to feel more grounded. For me, pen-to-paper and having a framework helps.
I’ve let myself be pulled and pushed, and am not where I was seeing myself be by now.

I’ve listened again to the 12 week year. I love the concept... First read it years ago... and am applying it more closely again.

Motivated by another book... The Compound Interest. Powerful read. Highly recommend.
Are you using a Bujo? What’s your favourite thing about it?

I may do a Zoom explaining how I use it. #watchthisspace 👀

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