Forget the tech dilemma, that sense of always hitting a wall... 

It's time to create connections that brings relief, peace of mind & client happiness.

Hi, I'm Pascale.

I amplify your success with structures & strategies that leverage what you have & free up your energy.

I'm an OBM, Active Campaign Specialist, focused on energy-savvy tech & strategic advice for value-led Businesses... 

Some people call me their Kitten herder, some their Owl...
What could I be for you?



Mixing tech, empathy, systems & strategy... 
How does that show up?
  • Strategic connection between your big vision and its detailed implementation 
  • Meaningful connection with your audience and your clients, thanks to tech and empathy (via leadflow, marketing relationnel & client experience)
  • Energy savvy connections between your apps so you can free yourself from your inbox, free yourself from unnecessary & repetitive data entry
  • Efficient and effective connections behind the scenes, allowing your operations to run smoothly and your team having clarity on your goals and their tasks. Supported and empowered, they can really bring their best and enjoy staying in your team.


Consultation, Done-for-you or Done-with-you,
we have a few way of working together.


It's an hour long session where we get you clear on your most critical question or problem, and flesh out your needs. 

We make a roadmap to get you out of stuck and moving forward.

Say goodbye to the painful "WTF should I do?" you feel right now.

If we decide to work together after that, the price of the session can be redeemed for any work booked within the following month.


Operation Business Manager / Active Campaign Specialist

Once we've "connected the dots", we can look at what could be the next step.

Depending on your needs and style, we can work in various ways:

  • "Poppins in your pocket", a Voxer day to brainstorm, get strategic feedback or accountability
  • a VIP day where we go through what you need with great focus,
  • 30 to 90days for a specific project
  • Retainers (depending on current availability >> no retainer availability till 1st of July at the moment)

Voxer day: Poppins in your pocket

Need to sense-check your plans? brainstorm, work through a challenge?
Poppins in your pocket is the Voxer day you need to make progress and get out of "WTF do I start?"
No screen, just voice-notes and a relaxed back and forth to help you think and take decisions.
No more feeling lonely running your business or letting decision paralysis get to you.

VIP days, projects and retainers

If you have a specific need, working via a VIP day or over a few weeks/months would be the way to go.
Setting up Active Campaign or your tech stack, prepping the arrival of your first VA, setting up a launch or a 5day challenge, making sure you can go on holiday relaxed and really Off... all these things can be done via a short collaboration.
If you know you want a long term right-hand, retainers are a great way to go. 
You get a trusted advisor and integrator that will turn your big vision into a big success without you losing your sanity.
I keep you focused on what matters and what helps your business thrive. (and yes, self-care reminders will be included.)
Anyway, from 15mn checkin on Voxer, to full on team & project management, there are many options to help you in a way that suits budgets and needs.




A different background, experience, brain wiring all of which bring a different view on business and marketing.
  • I worked 20years as a TV & film hair and make-up artist.
    I understand what setting up a scene and a character is, and how subtle clues can help your ideal client understand that who you are and what you are about. I set-up the details of your tech with your vison in mind. Everything contributes to your goals and how we decided to get closer to them.
  • Magpie of links and knowledge, I love searching the web for tools that simplify your life. Many problems you consider huge or pricey have a simple and affordable solution within your reach.
  • I believe tech can be self-care for yourself AND your clients. Tech doesn't need to be dry.. It can be the vehicle of your care, your spirit, your humour
  • I care about your business success but also your health and relationships. I bet you didn't create your business to be a horrible boss to yourself, ruin your health or create arguments with your loved ones. There are ways to run your business that treat your body and mind in a healthy way. The benefits of good health ripples out everywhere. and that is priceless.  
  • If you are open to it, I use Human Design to communicate better and build the backend of your business so it's aligned with your design.
  • I'm autistic and my current special interest is Active CampaignWhich means that I happily spend hours learning new tricks and new hacks to help you use it better in your business. I'm an ambassador because I love it so much.

What I do always comes from who you are, what matters to you.

I ask questions. I look for what your words don't say but are told in the tone of your voice, in your smile, in the pause between the words and the tension that leaves your body when you get closer to your truth.
I look for your full YES.
Because your plans and your vision is sometimes tainted by the "should", or the fears you've kept in you. I'm here for them.

I'm here to let you access your own truth and what is really true to you. 
That's where we start co-creating your success.


I believe in fair treatment, equal rights, inclusivity & diversity.

Whatever your age, skin colour gender, sexual orientation or religion, 

you are welcome in my space, life & work. 

© Copyright 2020 - Pascale RECHER - All Rights Reserved
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