I create tech flows that serve you AND your customers.

I believe in working with giggles, making things happen automagically and in adding a spoonful of sugar where needed.
Aka a spoonful of tech and empathy sprinkled over your online presence.

A good customer journey helps you 
earn more & worry less.

Your clients go through a journey in your online world.

Everything they experience before talking to you build that trust, like and know factor. Or not.

It helps them understand what you do, what you values are, where the juicy part of your free content is. Or not.

It makes it easy for them to buy from you, book you. Or not.

Websites and social media are great tools, and they are living creatures. 

Not the last Bible printed on Earth.

This is great because it means you can change your mind easily, it is trouble because you can change your mind easily.

That means, you get links to your website that don't work anymore, you get images on your old Linkedin profile that is not related to anything you do anymore... 

Our businesses offers changes as well, soft rebrands happens and things can get lost in the heart of the action.
Online homes get dusty too.
You have more opportunities than you think to draw clients in.

You also have more ways to convert passers-by into fans than you think.

I'd love to help you optimise your customer journey and make working with your clients easier, more enjoyable for both side and more profitable for your business.

Here are how we can work together.


99€/£89 / $117 
That's where it all starts. The connections, the clarity, your project, whether that's a website, a full rework of your backend and customer experience or dissolving that "WTF should I do" feeling.

You ask questions, I ask questions. We connect the dots.
You get Tech guidance, Strategy or a different view on you & what you offer the world so you can explain it better.
This session allows us to see where you are, where you want to go/what you want to do & if you have the right tech to support you, or give us a quick look at how your customer journey looks like and what you could do to start establishing good customer experience. 

It's also a great way to start prepping the creation of your website, whether you want to book me to do it or not. I advise on how to keep yourself safe for the future and best practices to have in mind when setting your site.

You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said.


£245 / $318 roughly
We have a strategy call like the above, then you give me your login details and I go work on my own check things from behind the curtain, make a deeper analysis and fix what I can. 
I issue recommendations about the next steps.
That can be the other funnels, a deeper rework of online assets, other social media of yours to look into.

For this package, I look at 2 social media platforms of your choice and one funnel, including your welcome email serie. 
I will need login details ready so I can go. to work ASAP after our call.

You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said, list of what has been changed and recommendations for the rest.

CONNECTION deep dive

£1500 / $1900 roughly
So I offer this either as a one month intensive, or a 4months collaboration.
Payment plan available for the 4months option.
We start by a strategy call, where we can assess what you need and if you are ready to take a deep dive into connecting to your audience and clients., save your energy by having the right onboarding and offboarding in place. (the price of the strategy will be put as a credit for the rest of the work.)

This requires quite a bit of you, either thinking, writing, giving feedback. so we need to be able to reach out and get material from you. I know great writers and copywriters if you need help with this. 

You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said, implementation of what I discover and advise on  We work on setting a system for your project management if need be, or just roll with my usual set-up in Trello. 


Cost is project dependant
If you know me and know I'm the person for your We start with a connecting-the-dots call.
Website are your online house. They need to be set the way you live, the way your energy and mind is wired. That's why you created your business, to have impact in a way that suits YOU.

All my work is bespoke and some of my ways may seem odd. 

I ask questions and look at your Human Design chart if you are open to it. I focus on highlighting your awesomeness and leverage what's unique in you, and what is best to get the results you want with the way your energy moves in the world.

I truly invite you to hang out with me online to see if my views resonates. I only take people who appreciate my quirky insights as it is a co-creation process, there need to be some trust when I speak out.

You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said, list of what has been changed and recommendations for the rest.


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I believe in fair treatment, equal rights, inclusivity & diversity.

Whatever your age, skin colour gender, sexual orientation or religion, 

you are welcome in my space, life & work. 

© Copyright 2020 - Pascale RECHER - All Rights Reserved
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