These are the tools & resources I'm using in my business and/or can recommend.

Some are affiliate links, marked with an *, which means I get a little thank you for spreading the love. I only promote tools I know would be useful for you. If you have a doubt, you can pop to Instagram and Twitter, and if it's not a good fit for you, I'll tell you. 



*Active Campaign

Email marketing, CRM, direct line of communication for your clients, ways to lighten your load with automatic replies and templates for individual emails... So many things Active Campaign can help you with.




Project and task management.

I LOVE Asana and it's what allows me to stay sane, both for private and business tasks. 

You can make it as complicated or simple as need be, with display as list, calendar, boards and more.



Connect and track data.

I LOVE Airtable. I use it to create the "bible" of your Active Campaign account. 

It's also brilliant to keep track of sales, of discovery calls, use it as a todolist, plan content for ocial media... Plenty of ways to use Airtable.

They have plenty of templates to inspire you and more and more automations to help you make things easier on you.



A Pomodoro with humour. I discovered Llamalife on Twitter and soooo happy I did. 

You can find a little video about it on my Youtube channel. You can create routines to follow, based on days, energy levels, type/theme of days... Really worth checking out, even more if you have ADHD.

Marie and the marvelous crew of Llamalife has given me a coupon for you to get 20% off your subscription: PASCALELLAMA20   




Time tracking and workload planning. It's not cheap, but it has solved a very painful problem for me, so I decided to invest in it, and it's worth it.



*Slick Academy

The best place to learn & understand Active Campaign

After 2 years serving clients with Active Campaign, I started learning from a top Active Campaign certified consultant and amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge: Kay Peacey from *Slick Business.  

If you are really hands on in Active Campaign, you will benefit from the *Academy and it's wonderful community or at least *Kay's free course to understand all the basics.

These links is an affiliate link as I am a fan of Kay and can recommend her courses from all my heart. If you join the Academy, you'll see me there. I'll get a thank you from Kay at no cost for you.




Website structure. The backbone to my websites. I love it because the community is huge and the possibilities endless.

It requires a bit of a learning curve though, and making sure you do regular backup and maintenance to keep things in good shape and secure. Most often, when you have a problem, "there's a plugin for that". It's really versatile.

DO NOT GET MIXED UP with, it's full of limitation and much more expensive to run.


*D9 hosting

Website hosting. Once you know you wan to use WordPress, you need to host it somewhere.

D9 Hosting have good packages, reasonably priced, with good customer support.

I use them for Poppins, and have great feedback from people I referred to them.



Simple links page builder for Instagram, TikTok, or just as a starter website.

It is great when you need to change a few links or makes things super easy for your audience to go check what you have on different platforms.

If you have no website and get a last minute press or podcast opportunity, create your Beacon page, add a bit of text, links to your newsletter signup or discovery call and you're ready. 




Payment processor. You can link up Stripe to most checking carts, and you can also create links directly. Really a must have nowadays for most businesses. You can make one-time payment or recurring fee links, great for products and memberships.



Online bank and Merchant. Easy to create payment links that makes the money available in your bank account in 24hours (but the links are only valid for a month, so you cannot use them in an online shop. Great for client work though).

You can have accounts in various currencies, really handy to put aside money to pay in currencies (app subscription anyone?) or get paid in a foreign currency.



*Buy me a coffee

An easy tool to set-up a low maintenance membership or receive donation

You won't have all the bells and whistle of traditional membership but if your focus is on Live calls and a Facebook community, it could be just fine.

It's great as well to ask for donation, either for a charity, a side project, or your art/creation. 

People want to show support and help do more of what you do, that's one of the easiest way to let them do this.





Funnels and checking cart. Easy to create gorgeous salespages pages for your products, or checking cart you can add to your salespages.

You can easily add tags for each products sold, cart abandoned or payment complete or failing.

It connects well with Active Campaign which is why I love it. I have a few clients using it, it helps creating affiliates quickly.

Only trouble: Reports are still a bit meh and you have less freedom for payment plans frequency than tools like Moonclerk. It's a one time fee, which makes it great for budget in the long run, but a bit of a jump when you start. 



Accept online payment, one-time and recurring fees.

Much more granular control over frequency than Thrivecart, low fee to start, but more expensive to run in the long term than Thrivecart. 

Customer service is better than TC. 




You need a budget, YNAB for the people in the know.

It helps you navigate ebbs and flow of cashflow and see how far you can stretch what you have received, if you are on track to reach your saving goals or buying goals.

A big community of users, a lot of tutorials to help and a friggin genius playlist of budget-themed cover (ask me nicely, I'll send you the hidden link. ;) )


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