Connecting your day-to-day to your big vision
Keep your focus on what matters and avoid wasting energy, time and money.
To build a business or a legacy, you need the vision. 
You also need this vision to be supported by the right actions.
That's often where things go wrong. Shiny objects gets you away from the daily implementation that would make a difference. Or you keep adding putting energy into the same void, creating extra efforts for little results.

There is a an easier way to create success, satisfaction and peace for you.. .
Get someone that has your best interest at heart guiding your energy.
Some clients call me their owl, some others their Kitten Herder.
I ask questions, look at the situation from a fresh angle.
We map out plans and I make sure you stick to them. 
If you have been in my world long enough, you know I love tech, details, and bring a different view on anything.

My mission is bringing ease and be a bridge: I want to connect you to the right people, to the right piece of tech, and turn your big vision in your successful reality

Small details add up. That's the magic of compound interests.

I make sure that every week, you invest time and focus on the tasks and parts that will bring better outcomes for you.
I explain to your team what needs done.

You can fill this application or book a connect-the-dots call so I can sprinkle some magic over your business.
Connection shows up in plenty of ways in plenty of places and that's where you can get tenfold return on investment.

The process



With our first call, where I give you the first practical pieces of advice, this way we can see if we are a good fit and what our collaboration could look like.



Depending on what you need and the type of support is most beneficial to you, we set-up the base of our work 

If you have a project management system, we use it, otherwise I can set-up one for you.
We can Zoom regularly, stick to email and also use Voxer (especially for Mental Projectors and Self-projected projectors, as using our voice freely is so important)

We discuss your goals and next actions, you keep me posted on your progress between calls and you get regular loving umbrella pokes as needed to keep the momentum going.



After a first 6 weeks block, we see how it has work and see if you are ready to take a longer commitment,


You keep your priorities down and center.
You don't waste time wondering if you should try this or that.
You know you have someone observing your business and seeing if actions and goals are congruent. 
You're not alone and you get support, cheering or loving ass-kicking to keep you on track.


For weekly support, expect monthly fees between 200€ to 2000€, for guidance, with a first starter package then moving to a monthly retainer if we are both ready to work together, and done-for-you package can be added to this.

Fees depend on frequency of your Poppins Time, extra support included on top of that and platform used for support. 
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