Leadflow audit

It's me going round playing Sherlock and checking your website and up to 3 social media profiles and making a list of all the little details you can fix or optimise to make sales easier, clients happier and more connected to you and avoid losing people en route. 

Missing links, website copy missing, your personality or voice missing somewhere, tech not working as it should, missed opportunities to sell or get people on your newsletter...  

All these little details you can't see because you are too close to your business.

It's done within 10days, with a Google doc document you can use to check things off and a little video to explain better as I record what I see on there
I can also break it down in your project management system if that fits better for you.
You can implement or pass to your Virtual assistant.

You need first a connection call so I can do the work.
It's 60mn of me understanding your business, where you are at, where you want to go, what you have tried and what you don't want to do anymore.
Every business is different, so there's no. point advising you on doing something that goes against your personal "wiring".
The cost of the call is 99€. If you have had one in the last month, you can book the "audit only" option below
221€ Audit only
see price in your currency below

Price is only valid if you have booked a paid connection call beforehand.
Leadflow and strategy audit solo
320€ Call + Audit
see price in your currency below

You will get an email to book your initial conversation after that. Call
Leadflow & strategy audit + Call
Looking forward to help you and set a good base for your online presence and strategy.
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