Tech, Empathy, Structures & Strategy for businesses with strong values.

You do business Human-to-Human & value Individuality.

You know you are your main asset. 

You are ready to reclaim your time, your sanity & serve your clients better.

No need to keep pulling your hair out on tech troubles or client management. 
Feeling stuck or overwhelmed, it's time to call for reinforcement.
It's time to lean on an Online Business Manager & Strategist.

Online Business Manager & Strategist

A spoonful of Pascale Poppins's magic to create 
Happier Clients, Increased Profits and a new Peace of Mind. 
Every OBM brings a flavour, a focus, to their work. For me it's tech, client experience, leadflow & making sure your business oozes all of you.
It means that my focus is on making sure
- your potential clients have a smooth ride coming from social media to the buy button
- your clients gets the best experience working with you
- anything we set-up works FOR YOU, the way your brain is wired, the energy and your business, not because "your should do it". 
- you get the biggest return on investment out of the energy, money &  time you put in your business.
- every occasion your potential clients interact with you has your voice, your values and personal magic all over.
- If you are open to it, I use Human Design to see how best to communicate with you and set-up some marketing pieces for you. 

"Business as usual" ? Not around here.

I see business in a really wholistic way.
I don't like blueprints or "shoulds".

Here for THE VALUE OF WORK podcast?


Dedicated to know better to do better

I believe in fair treatment, equal rights, inclusivity & diversity.
Whatever your age, skin colour gender, sexual orientation or religion, you are welcome in my space, life & work. 
My heart is already your ally.

My head knows I have still tons to learn & unlearn to get rid of my bias and habits. Work-in-progress.

I am committed to learn more, to listen, to support LGBTQ+ & BIPOC in all possible ways.


You heard about opt-in, funnels, 5day challenges...
You want to set your launch but feel a bit wobbly when it comes to tech or knowing what to focus on, when and which order.

A call together means you get a roadmap, you know where to invest time & money, so you get the right tools for where you are at RIGHT NOW.  
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