Deep Dive Connection

with Pascale Poppins

How would it feel to have a deeper connection with your clients that turn them into long-term fans?

If you value your clients, and understand how expensive it is to gain a new client instead of keeping one, I am sure you would say AMAZING.

Fair warning: If you see your clients as cows to milk, we're not a good fit.

Imagine getting messages from them saying how they feel cared for, how they had answers to their questions before they had to ask them while having more peace and clarity because you don't spend your time repeating the same infos over and over, have peace of mind because things are taken care of without you being ON 24/7. 

This is the goal of this offer. 
From your social media presence, your website, your email newsletters, your funnels, I scan your entire Universe for places and ways to optimise what you have, get better processes in place, put in place an onboarding process that put your clients at ease and makes your life easier.
The offboarding opens up the conversation to make things better with clients who aren't happy, remind them what you could offer for their next step or help you leverage social proof by asking for testimonials.

No stone left unturned. 
Connection shows up in plenty of ways in plenty of places.

If you want to get your churn rate down and get more raving fans... There are plenty of things you can do, by just putting more of you, your care or your expertise in place, and more occasions for your clients to see your expertise and that you have their interest and success at heart.

It's deep work, I need to get to know you and your business so we need both to make sure we would be a good fit to do this.

First step is to book a Strategy call, so we can have a feel of where you are at, get pointers on what can be done. From there, we can see if you are ready for a deep dive and what it would look like for you. You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said and you can decide if you are ready to dive more in details and get to implement.
The price of the strategy will be put as a credit for the rest of the work.

This requires quite a bit of you, either thinking, writing, giving feedback. so we need to be able to reach out and get material from you. If you need copy or extra graphics or imagery, I have resources and people I trust to help you with that.

We work on setting a system for your project management if need be, or just roll with my usual set-up in Trello to keep track of what is being done.

Your business won't be the same, from the inside out, you can expect more ease, more connection, more energy for what matters and more profits as you build stronger connection with your audience and facilitate upsells and return clients.

So, are you ready?


What does this entail?

We start by setting the foundation and some quick wins.

I play Sherlock in what you have, observe what is going on in your community, check how you have set your processes and see what needs some love.

I offer my insights and make plans accordingly with your feedback and start implementing.

All businesses are different so after the first few days of my Sherlock Holmes work, we can make an assessment and see what you want us to focus in case we can't tackle all funnels in the time we have. 
If you book an intensive, you have my focus. I take only one Deep dive intensive per month to make sure we get the momentum needed. 

Tools of the trade

What makes me different, is the mix of seeing the big picture of your business and connecting it to the small details of your tech and marketing strategy that can bridge the gap between what you have and what you want. I mix tech and empathy to help connect to your audience.

I can get my hands in your system or lead your VA for what is to be done.


WordPress, including builders like Divi, Elementor, Thrive or Oxygen... 

I find my way in any of these.


Your social media profiles and online communities (Facebook groups and equivalent) can be optimised for a smoother leadflow and onboarding of your clients.


I understand the logic and the tech to serve it... 

I know *Active campaign (my fav for the work I do, but I advise on what you need as it is what matters) Convertkit, Mailchimp,... and can find my bearing quickly in Aweber and Mailerlite as well.


Trello, Asana, *Clickup, Calendly, Acuity, GoCardless, Stripe, Zapier, GSuite, *Membervault,  and many other smart tools are in my geek box to make your work day easier.
Links with a * are affiliate links. I only recommend products I use and love. It means that at no cost for you, I get a thank you from the company for sharing the love.
I love learning new tools and strategy. 

I'm learning QR codes marketing opportunities, Groovefunnels, Leadshook & ManyChat lately and can learn new tools fast. Let me know if you have anything that you want to have in your funnels and we can see if we can sort that out for you. 

Next availability for the 4 month: NOVEMBER 2020

Next availability for the intensive: JANUARY 2021

You can book your Strategy call earlier and secure your spot for later.
You will have some ideas to let the results of our call simmer and have more time to think and write coy for the pieces we would have talked about.


450€/month for 4 months

1600€ for a month intensive

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