A 360degree view on your business & its layers
 to leverage tenfold 
what you do & what you already have.

From your Social Media assets, your community, all through your customer journey, and the unused potentials of your business.

During a VIP day, or over a few weeks or months, depending what you want, we tackle your most pressing problems to bring the relief you need, stat.
How would it feel to have a deeper connection with your clients that turn them into long-term fans?
If you understand how expensive it is to gain a new client instead of keeping one, you can see the value of a loyal client.
Fair warning: If you see your clients as cows to milk, we're not a good fit
Imagine getting messages from clients saying how they feel cared for, how they had answers to their questions before they had to ask them while having more peace and clarity because you don't spend your time repeating the same infos over and over, have peace of mind because things are taken care of without you being ON 24/7.
How would it feel to have more revenue, from more sources, with less hassle ?
If client management feels heavy and like it's stealing so much time that you are actually thinking twice before taking a new client in... take a deep breath, it's time to call Pascale Poppins. 
Once we have established the first steps of your roadmap with an initial call, we can implement what has been mapped out.
If you need help setting up your systems, a way of getting paid, your first funnel, your SOP or your clients onboarding and offboarding, Connection 360 is what you want.
You can fill this application if you have some questions  before working with me or directly book a connect-the-dots call so I can sprinkle some magic over your business.
Connection shows up in plenty of ways in plenty of places and that's where you can get tenfold return on investment.
I mix tech and empathy, with a sprinkle of Human Design, to create systems you can lean on, woo your clients, free your mind and time so you can show up at your best for the work that matters. 

The process



With our first call, where I give you the first practical pieces of advice, this way we can see if we are a good fit and what our collaboration could look like.



Depending on the scope of what's to be done, we decide of how many months we would work together, what working together could look like and on which area we would start first. 

We work on setting a system for your project management if need be, or just roll with my usual set-up to keep track of what is being done.
We can Zoom regularly, stick to email and also use Voxer (especially for Mental Projectors and Self-projected projectors, as using our voice freely is so important)

I can lead your VA, do myself or find someone to implement and work you once I sprinkled my magic.

This may requires a bit of you, either thinking, writing, giving feedback. so we need to be able to reach out and get material from you. If you need copy or extra graphics or imagery, I have resources and people I trust to help you with that.



I like working on defined blocks, so we get our first wins quickly and build on them. 

Some opportunities may pop for you that you'd like us to develop or focus first,  we can adjust our plan acordingly..


Churn rate down, Ads cost down, profit going up, organic referrals up, more time for quality work and time off... 

Your clients, your bank account and your heart are equally happy. 

I look 360 to get the best return with the least work on your side

I was told when I was 15 that being good at maths was usually starting by being elegantly lazy. This is also a great recipe for business when applied ethically.

Leadflow, onboarding, offboarding, affiliate income, passive income, branding, behind-the-scenes processes, website, email nurturing and automations... these are the ways we get the results. 

Tools of the trade

Big visions require a mean to bring them into reality. I translate your vision into the tech details you need.
From the insights you get from my marketing know-how and my empathic observations, I go into implementation. Here are a few items of my toolkit 


WordPress, including builders like Elementor, Thrive or Oxygen... or Leadpages

Divi is an option for small changes and updates but I don't build websites with this framework.


Your social media profiles and online communities (Facebook groups and equivalent) can be optimised for a smoother leadflow and onboarding of your clients.


I know *Active campaign, Convertkit, Mailchimp and Mailerlite,... 

(Active Campaign is my fav for the work I do, but I advise on what you need and what would serve you best)


Trello, Asana, *Clickup, Calendly, Acuity, GoCardless, Stripe, Zapier, GSuite, *Membervault,  *Thrivecart and many other smart tools are in my geek box to make your work day easier.
Links with a * are affiliate links. I only recommend products I use and love. It means that at no cost for you, I get a thank you from the company for sharing the love.


Expect fees between 400€ to 6000€, as a package or with a monthly retainer option. depending on scope and pace of what you want: website creation, creation of memberships, onboarding for your clients, leadmagnet strategy and creations, launch prep & implementation, autoresponder set-up or optimisation Project management set-up, are the kind of options we can work out together. 

Payment by installments possible..

Understanding more 
the customer journey

Social Media, website, your email list... 

There's gold for showing up as yourself there and connect to your ideal client.
The one that needs you and can recognise you.

But for them to get to be a client, you need to facilitate this and create a path, like a riverbed they can gently slide in, to your sign-up or Buy now button. 

Too many times, instead of a welcoming experience, we keep "slamming doors" in their face as the tech doesn't work or isn't optimised so we make them work twice as hard. Or it feels a bit disconnected because the tech work but it's a bit dry and the magic ingredient, YOU, is missing.

The magic happens when you show up as yourself, in plenty of small details, all through this path that works like clockwork, so well that your audience forget there was tech... they only think about you and how you can help them. 

Leadflow includes checking how they arrive on your site and if their journey there is frictionless to your buy button.
CREATING The online HOME that's fully yours
Once they've been intrigued on social, they arrive on your site.

That's your home, that's where they can really get to know you, what you do, read your blogs, but also sign-up for your newsletter, book you or access special content locked behind closed door.

It's where you have full control. No risk of being shut down, or being at the mercy of rules and algorythm changing.

It's usually where transactions happen. 

Having a website that makes this easy and safe can really make a big change.

You may not need something custom or pricey first.... That's why it's good to chat with a honest pro that will advise you on what's best for YOU, even if they don't sell you their services. 

(Hint, that person can be me. I hate selling things that aren't justified for where you are now. I value long-term relationship and I would rather have you in my free world for a few years, than creating a bitter taste for you overselling you something.)
Customer experience, also called Cx, usually talks about any interaction of a customer with something: how does someone experience your website, their car, their pen...
Here, for simplicity, I use it for CLIENTS. Once they have paid you, what happens?

Are they taken care of?
Do they know how things are going to unfold?

Do you welcome them in your world?
Do you give them the support and tools they need?

Good customer experience transform clients in longtime fans, that either buy again and agin or refer other clients to you.

If you have a membership, it means less churn (the amount of members you lose every month), which means less stress, less hustle and more profit.

Sprinkle a bit of tech to make it easier on you, and you get maximum service for your clients, 24/7, top quality EVERY TIME, and energy spend ONCE.  
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