Building your business on your own doesn't mean you have to do it all alone.
You arrive with your problem or desires.

You ask questions, I ask questions.
I see where you are, I hear what you need, I see the gap between the gap between the two and advise on how to bridge that gap.

The solutions, or the real problem, emerge as we discuss.
You get Tech guidance, Strategy or a different view on you & what you offer the world so you can explain it better.

You get clarity, relief and confidence in your next step. (and you'll get the recording of the session to come back to what has been said). .

This is an hour long call. If you have a quick question or feel a full session is. a stretch financially, hop on my list, I have a special 30mn call for people who really feel connected to what I do.
If you choose to work with me on bigger projects in the next month, this call comes as a credit to the work.


I might have an online business but I'm by no means confident in the tech side of it. My genius is in coaching, my downfall is the technical wizardry that often confounds me, slows me down.
I had a specific issue with an online platform. Pascale not only explained what to do but also walked me through the exact steps in a simple video. Simple, prompt service and none of the 'posturing' that you sometimes get with people clambering to help you, expecting more in return.
Would definitely recommend 🤩

Angie Garton

Menopause done naturally Coach
Pascale Poppins has a wonderfully positive and knowledgeable can-do attitude. 

She can really see into what her client needs and support with tech resources, encouragement, and clarity for what the person needs. 

The idea of tech as self-care really struck a chord with me. Just reach out! I’m sure she can point you in the right direction, but more than likely, she will be able to help you with your goals and dreams!

Valerie Bringas Montgomery

Emotional Healing and Growth for Women


You heard about opt-in, funnels, 5day challenges...
You want to set your launch but feel a bit wobbly when it comes to tech or knowing what to focus on, when and which order.

A call together means you get a roadmap, invest time and money in the right tools for where you are at RIGHT NOW.  



Sometimes, you see only limitations when there are options.

Sometimes what feels like a random group of things you like and do, can actually be a beautiful and coherent offer. 

I can help you see it.
You get the recording from the session to come back to what has been said.
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