Building your business on your own doesn't mean you have to do it all alone.
If you are stuck and wondering WTF should I do now, this is the call for you.

You arrive with your problem or desires.

You ask questions, I ask questions.
I see where you are, I hear what you need, I see the gap between the gap between the two and advise on how to bridge that gap.

The solutions, or the real problem, emerge as we discuss.
You get Tech guidance, Strategy or a different view on you & what you offer the world so you can explain it better.

You get clarity, relief and confidence in your next step. (and you'll get the recording of the session to come back to what has been said). 
(and you can also consume in 2x 30mn... I know many people struggle to be 6omn on a call focusing on tech or strategic plans. No problem.)
I might have an online business but I'm by no means confident in the tech side of it. My genius is in coaching, my downfall is the technical wizardry that often confounds me, slows me down.
I had a specific issue with an online platform. Pascale not only explained what to do but also walked me through the exact steps in a simple video. Simple, prompt service and none of the 'posturing' that you sometimes get with people clambering to help you, expecting more in return.
Would definitely recommend 🤩

Angie Garton

Menopause done naturally Coach

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You heard about opt-in, funnels, 5day challenges...
You want to set your launch but feel a bit wobbly when it comes to tech or knowing what to focus on, when and which order.

A call together means you get a roadmap, you know where to invest time & money, so you get the right tools for where you are at RIGHT NOW.  
Getting my head round tech and joining up systems is something my brain really and truly struggles with.
I know what I want to happen, but then the spaghetti starts to moosh together and my brain grinds... to... a... stop.
And then we go into PDA...
for weeks... sometimes... never to be seen again...
And then I develop coping strategies. To the on-looker could be perceived as using duct-tape over the hole in the dam, Or a Heath Robinson contraption.... Or more likely you wouldn't know, but at the end of the day I am utterly exhausted.
So I enlisted the help of the amazing Pascale Recher ...
We had our first session yesterday. Already I have sorted out a booking system, which is linked to my Zoom account and Trello... next I will link this to a mailer system...
and then I will never (fingers crossed) need to think about who is booking in when... Whether I have remembered to reply to someone with a link... or to an email... it will all happen automatically.
This may seem like obviousness to the NT... but to me... this is monumental.
Big up to Pascale... if you need help developing more streamlined systems... I would really really recommend her...

Sara Kedge

Recognising Superpowers
Building a world where super human talent is celebrated



Sometimes, you see only limitations when there are options.

Sometimes what feels like a random group of things you like and do, can actually be a beautiful and coherent offer. 

I can help you see it.
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