Hello there. 
I'm Pascale "Poppins" RECHER. 

One of my joy in life is seeing your profit line go up 
while the energy drain go down.

Keep hanging out with me and see what happens as I change your mind about tech, self-care and embracing who you are.


Tech makes my heart sing


Apps, mindset, people... 

I am always learning to deepen my understanding & become more inclusive


a tool to understand you & communicate with you better


Always after reading the right clues and finding gems for you


From big crowd on big US movies to the small indie films... 


aka helping clients tame their wild ideas, focus & get momentum

I’m of all of this and a bit more

Why Pascale Poppins?

Just like a certain Nanny, I come when I’m needed and invited.

I see your potential. 

I know what you can leverage ethically for your own good.

I see where you need support.

I give you what you need, even when you don't realise that's what you need.

I have a few magic tricks, plenty of patience and a tendency to sprinkle a bit of sugar to make the medicine go down. 

Fair warning... 
I'm not for everyone.

I am...

Dropping Frenglish in the conversation
An odd mix of an excited puppy and a wise old soul 
For a more inclusive world


You can find me as @pascalepoppins on social 

or leave me a message via my contact page via the button below


A bit of background

Former film make-up artist, Forever geek & Human design student 
Through 20 years working as a hair and make-up artist in Paris and London, learning code, doing my own website, learning marketing and observing a fair bit about human psychology, I fell in love with the Internet & online marketing.

People can be surprised learning I went from doing period hair to funky websites...
But for me, it's not. Different canvas, different medium, same process: giving clues to set the tone and make the audience grasps what's it's all about, feel immerged in the story and really connect with the characters.

That's why I ask what kind of film would your business be like. 

That's why I see you and your glorious complexity and uniqueness as something rich and marvelous to share with the World. 

That's why I don't believe in competition: you do what you do, but you bring more than an idea or a skill, you bring something that can never be replicated, because YOU do it. (well, apart from these nasty copycats that steal designs from small brands and put them up as their own, don't get me started on this.)

I love seeing the strength and potentials of my clients and delivering to them the tools and online flow to connect them to their heart clients and so, their dreams.

Count on me to reconcile the bigger picture of your dream to the small details of your online presence. 

Social media, website, funnel, paid programs and services... 
They need to incorporate YOU at each step: your voice, your values, the way your mind work, the way you want to live each day.

For your clients, it should be one easy flow, from the first touch point, to the “Buy button”, to the last moment you are finishing working with them.

No hoops to jump, no interruption or disruption in their path. The broken links, the underused opportunities mean less profit and more energy drain on you and your business.

Function and form work hand in hand for me. 
Celebrating your Uniqueness.
I'm dedicated to learn about the Other, and am an advocate self-care and embracing all of who you are.
You can't celebrate fully who you are if you don't celebrate the Other. 

I care about my fellow Humans and for me, being inclusive every day a bit more, doing anti-racist work, stating my pronouns, is just part of what I can do to create the society that I hope to live in: one where everybody feels safe, cared for and heard.
If you have a problem with #Blacklivesmatter or the rights of the LGBTQ+ community... We won't be a good match to work together.
Tech is like self-care.
Lean on the right one, you feel lighter, you have more energy and momentum and you can make it easier for your heart clients to connect with you and to stay for longer in your world.

If you need a bit of Pascale in your business, please get in touch.

Ready to free yourself from unnecessary work and worry?

Want to see what having a Poppins in your pocket can look like...
© Copyright 2020 - Pascale RECHER - All Rights Reserved
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